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Beaconsfield Gold Mine sold

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The new owner of the Beaconsfield Gold Mine is keen to get the well-known site up and running again as soon as possible.

Hellyer Mine owner NQ Minerals has paid $2 million for the site, which closed in 2012, six years after the disaster which killed miner Larry Knight and trapped his colleagues Brant Webb and Todd Russell.

The mine is one of the richest gold mines in the state.

Tasmanian Minerals and Energy Council chief executive Ray Mostogl says the reopen is welcome.

"That was 2006 and while the tragedy should never be forgotten, it is about moving on and the technology there has changed and continues to change," he said.

Roger Jackson, Executive Director of NQ Minerals says moves are being made to get the mine up and running within the next two years and perhaps even sooner.

"The mine has a permanent license, as well as valuable infrastructure. There is still gold in the old exploration work that was done some time ago and that resource is quite attractive."

Mr Jackson says work will be undertaken in a different area to where the tragedy happened in 2006.

"We will be looking at using another shaft about 1.5kms from that site," he said.

Past gold production totalled nearly 2 million ounces from 1887 to 2012, at an average of nearly 15 grams per tonne.

Image: AAP/Ross Marsden