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Sarah, Mick and Johnno For Breakfast

About Sarah Morrison

Although I've been only been in radio for 4 years, I have a very strong passion and love for the industry. During the time I have worked for Grant Broadcasters I have loved all the roles I have played but joining the Breakfast Show in 2018 made me feel like I finally found what I was meant to do with my life.

Outside of work hours I have a love for entertaining and passion for the arts. My involvements in outside organisations including theatre and dance have synergies with my current radio role. My life experiences so far have made me the person I am, an approachable and friendly person, helpful and motivated with values of appreciating the world around me. I am persistent with what I want and always treat others how I would like to be treated.

Last year I became a Mum to my beautiful Marley. I didn’t know you could possibly love something so hard so fast. I'm so lucky to work for a company like 7HOFM and alongside Mick and Johnno who love Marley like their own and make bringing her to work so easy.

I'm a born and bred Hobartian. Born at Calvary and growing up with my family in Kingston, Tassie is my home and I couldn’t be more proud!

About Mick Newell

Mick is a simple man with even simpler tastes.

Boats, his grandson Noah, and food are his passions. From diving for abalone to talking baloney, Mick has gone from the boat, to the kitchen on My Kitchen Rules, to Breakfast on 7HOFM.

Passionate about Tassie, Hobart, and the Huon, Mick knows just about everyone, and has a story to go with it.

About Johhno

On a normal day I'm woken up by my son Harry (7), when he crawls into bed beside us, asking for Mummy's iPad so he can watch strange YouTube videos of elevator tours, planes, train level crossings, dyeing eggs, or people unwrapping Kinder Eggs and reviewing the toys inside. Yes - they do exist.

I’m a simple guy with simple pleasures... Growing vegetables, going for long drives, staying up late watching TV with the sound turned down. I love to cook - with a glass of wine in one hand, usually a Pinot Noir or Scotch and Coke.

After travelling around the world and living in the UK, we’ve decided Tasmania is an amazing place to live - and we're here to stay!

But the thing I enjoy most in my life is talking to and playing with my son. Watching him learn and grow and form his own amazing personality is just the greatest joy and privilege in life.

I'm also hugely in awe of my wife's achievements as a writer. Google 'My Mad Fat Diary' by Rae Earl and you'll see why.