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The dreaded empty toilet roll

Mick gets so cranky when he finds an empty toilet roll left on the holder at this house. But who's to blame...? 🤣  🤣  🤣

Stuck in traffic

How do you survive a 10-day traffic jam? Sarah has lots of questions!

Mick's latest hobby

Sarah and Johnno have lost it over Mick's latest hobby  Can you guess who they think he's turning into from the music at the start?

The Great Debate - sleeping in separate beds

Should couples who live together - but get annoyed with each other's snoring, farting or early wake-up times - sleep in separate beds? 🛌 💤 Sarah and Mick take sides debating...

Rewards card tattoo

A guy got a tattoo of his Woolworths rewards card put on his arm - and BEEP - it works! 😝 Hmmm... what other things could be handy to get as...

Johnno on sax?

Do you think Johnno could be a sax player? 🎶 He thinks he's more bass.

Dogs eating spicy food

Sarah's fun fact: Humans are the only animals that enjoy spicy food... hmmm... what about dogs? 

Plants and music

Sarah believes that plants will grow better if they're near music. The plant next to her TV is super healthy and growing like crazy, but the one further away at...

Pasta opening hack

How do you open your pasta packet? Mick shows Sarah and Johnno the super fast way that he learnt off TikTok (so fast that you will have to watch it...

Marley's new thing

Marley's started doing a new behaviour and it's funny but not funny too. And she's picked something up from Mick as well 😜  But he's proud of that one!

Sarah's got issues!

It's great to have Sarah back in the studio after her gall bladder surgery, but she's noticed a few issues. Poor Mick and Johnno! 

Johnno's career change

How hard is it to change careers? Johnno's been in radio for 30 odd years but Sarah and Mick have a new job for him! Bring on Big Kev!

Tips for dealing with Mick

Did Jackie O just call Mick a child?! Sarah asks for some tips on dealing with headstrong Mick and gets some advice that Mick seems to agree with 😂

Yo-yos as weapons

Did you know yo-you were originally weapons? Could you do any tricks with yours?

Neil Finn from Crowded House

Sarah, Mick and Johnno had a terrific catchup with Neil Finn from Crowded House ahead of their concert in Hobart in April! Neil spoke about keeping the music fresh after all...

Mick and Jackie O talk about their anxiety

Mick and radio star Jackie O talk about their struggles with anxiety, how they dealt with it and the importance of talking about mental health issues and getting help. If you...