100k wings

100k wings

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Gene Simmons

If only Sarah had gone to Coachella in the US with her friend Renee, she totally would've met Gene Simmons from Kiss. Here's the crazy and very true story of...

Great debate: Should we get rid of cash?

A recent survey found that half of the peole questioned want to get rid of cash. Mick loves cash, but Sarah thinks cards are better. Do you still use cash...

Giving away your Lotto winnings

A guy in Victoria recently won $1 million and gave a big chunk of it away to strangers on the internet. How much would you have to win before you'd...

Why do men have nipples?

Sarah has a fun fact about why men have nipples, then Mick jumps in and gives his own fact about it... hmmm... sure Mick! 🤔 🤪 🤣

Putting out a bbq oil fire

Mick told the true story of when his bbq caught on fire and the surprising way the fire got put out. He was cooking a roast and used too much...

Snakes are coming out earlier this year

WATCH OUT! 🐍 Snakes are out early this year! 🐍 Chris from Reptile Rescue Incorporated - Tasmania came in recently with Lester the Black-headed Python to tell us what to...

Johnno was in a Bollywood movie

It's "Would I Lie to You" time and Johnno tells the amazing story of how and he and his wife Rae ended up in a Bollywood movie when they worked...

Pulling things apart with a screwdriver

Did you ever pull things apart with a trusty screwdriver as a kid and see how they worked - then try to get them back together again? Johnno did! But...

Bad celebrity hygiene

Sarah reveals which celebrities don't wear deodorant or brush their teeth every day. Yuck!

Would Sarah lie to you?

Sarah tells the story of when she was doing a theatre production while pregnant. Is she telling the truth?

Premier Peter Gutwein talks football

TAS Premier Peter "hand grenade" Gutwein joined Sarah, Mick & Johnno to talk all things football and whether he'll be attending the elimination finals this weekend in Launceston

Annoying TV ads

Mick tells us what ad makes him cranky, though Johnno loves it and thinks it's fun. Which ads get on your nerve? Or do you even watch them?

Remembering old ads

Sarah, Mick and Johnno remember some old ad jingles... do you remember this carpet cleaning one too? What ads have gotten stuck in your brain?

Sarah's "scare cam" on Friday 13th

For Friday the 13th, Sarah setup her "scare cam" to get Johnno and Mick. Johnno needs to rinse his mouth out with soap, and somehow Mick managed not to spill...

Sarah's blackbird story

Poor Sarah tried to keep an injured blackbird alive and it left her traumatised. Johnno says it's just the law of nature.

Sarah gets her first Pfizer jab

Sarah got her Pfizer dose #1 today live on air! She was a little nervous so asked about the covid vaccine and pregnancy for those of you out there who...