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Microwaveable slippers

Sarah's discovered microwaveable slippers - what could possibly go wrong? Johnno's not convinced.

Riding rollercoasters

Mick's excited to go on some rollercoasters and rides with his grandson Noah on holidays soon.

Gross food tales

Mick and Johnno share gross tales of maggots, moths and slugs in their food. And you've got to see Sarah's digusted face when Mick explains what flies do when they...

Hobart Chargers 16 April 2021

Sarah, Mick and Johnno had a great catchup with the Hobart Chargers this morning ahead of their Rivalry Revival on Saturday night at the Kingborough Sports Centre! Sarah asked some...

Fly vomit

 Sarah was 'today years old' when she learned how flies eat. So disgusting! Did you know?!

Dad bods are in!

Forget six packs, a survey says singletons prefer soft, round dad bods! Mick and Johnno love it! Sarah's not so sure...  

16 pots of pasta

Sarah explains why she's got so many pots on the stove! It's enough to make you want to order in! 

Sarah's stinky fun fact

Sarah's had a very stinky fun fact. Poor Mick, he probably didn't deserve that right?

The Breakfast Team's bodies are WEIRD!

Sarah, Mick and Johnno all reckon they have weird things their bodies do (and we're not talking about farts thanks Mick!). Have a watch and let us know if you...

Mick's having contractions!

Mick bragged to Sarah that women get it easy during childbirth and men get it hard. So Sarah - who's been through labour thankyouverymuch - hooked him up to a...