100k wings

100k wings

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Jon Stevens

Jon Stevens is bringing the Noiseworks and INXS Collection tour to Hobart in September! Sarah, Mick and Johnno had a chat to find out what he's keen to do in...

Olympics triathlon

We're so proud of Tasmanian Ariarne Titmus for her Olympic gold, but she's got nothing on Sarah, Mick and Johnno - check out their triathlon efforts in the eating category....

Multitasking with a difference

Sarah's disgusted with the guys, but they're disgusted with the story she tells them too. What's got them all crinkling up their noses? 

Handcuffed for love

A couple handcuffed themselves to each other to spice up their relationship. How do you think it turned out? Sarah, Mick and Johnno sure saw the funny side of it...

Hobart Chargers and SPEAK UP! Stay ChatTY

Basketball is back! 🏀  Jonathon Mines and Maddie Garrick from Hobart Chargers plus Mitch McPherson from SPEAK UP Stay ChatTY came in on Friday 25th June 2021 to catch everyone...

Mick's awkward date

Mick told a hilarious story about an awkward date he went on - and yes, he was telling the truth! Great to see Mick was such a gentleman about it...

Does Hobart need light rail?

Mick talks about the amazing experience using light rail on the Gold Coast recently and says we need it here in Hobart too. What do you think?

Mick's walk of shame

Mick shares an embarassing situation on the rides at Dreamworld while on holiday recently.

What did Mick do?

Johnno reminded Sarah that she was late to work on April 9th and asked her if she could remember what Mick said in response. Can you guess which option (A,...

5 types of workmates

Apparently there's 5 types of people you work with. Sarah and Johnno admit to being one or two, but what about Mick? He's still on holiday so can't defend himself!...

Expensive houseplant

A rare houseplant has sold for NZD27,000 amount on a NZ auction site. Sarah says she can't keep any plants alive but Johnno thinks he has a plan to source...

Bath bombs

Do you use bath bombs? Johnno's wife Rae discovered a downside when she was into them many years ago 🤣 🛀

Farting at the gym

Luckily there's no "smellavision" technology yet because Sarah, Mick and Johnno are talking all things farts after a woman farted at her local gym and cleared the place out! And...

Do you believe in UFOs?

Sarah, Mick and Johnno talked about UFOs, including an experience Mick's Dad had with one. Do you believe we're not alone? Have you ever seen a UFO?

Gender reveals

Sarah, Mick & Johnno laugh about a few gender reveals gone wrong. Do you think they're a good idea? Have you done one?

Mick almost got scammed

Mick almost got scammed, they're getting more and more clever with their tactics! Find out what happened with Mick so you don't get caught either.