100k wings

100k wings

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Pet owners

Do you love your pets more than your family? Do you spend more on them than you do on yourself? Mick found some interesting facts about pet owners! Sarah admitted...

A solution to the mouse plague

Mick described a 'mixture' that could be a solution to the mouse plague happening at the moment. It took Sarah and Johnno a few moments to realise...

Dog emotions

Mick read a study that says dogs have emotions and get jealous. Sarah agreed but made a very bold claim about her dogs that had the boys laughing with disbelief...

Great Debate: Wearing crocs in public

Sarah and Mick go head to head (or should that be toe to toe!?) on whether you should wear crocs in public. Find out what they thought. Who do you...

Fit people in their 70s

Sarah talks about 71 year old Mary Duffy who has become a legend for her weightlifting abilities. They're all impressed with how fit older people are these days, but Mick...

Your covid vaccine questions answered

We chatted with Secretary of the Department of Health, Tasmania Kath Morgan-Wicks and Dr Shannon Melody about some frequently asked covid vaccine questions, including side effects, getting vaccinated while pregnant...

Make Mick Laugh

Let Sarah, Mick and Johnno tickle your funnybone with these jokes!

Men in muscle suits

Mick and Johnno had a good laugh when Sarah started talking about men wearing suits that make them look like they have muscles and a six pack!

Mick gave mouth-to-mouth to a newborn calf

Mick's "Would I lie to you?" story this morning was all true - he gave mouth-to-mouth to a struggling calf! We wouldn't recommend it, even Mick got a bit squicked...

Grammar pedants

Sarah found some interesting facts about people who like to correct your grammar. Johnno had a thing or two to say about that, including some growling noises... Are grammar pedants...

Fun questions with Rebecca White

Hear Sarah's fun questions for Leader of the Opposition Rebecca White... including her favourite place in Tassie and her first car.

Singing challenge with Hettie Adams

Tasmanian Hettie Adams will be singing the Australian National Anthem at the AFL matches at the MCG this Anzac Day weekend - but first she's judging Sarah and Mick's singing...

Microwaveable slippers

Sarah's discovered microwaveable slippers - what could possibly go wrong? Johnno's not convinced.

Riding rollercoasters

Mick's excited to go on some rollercoasters and rides with his grandson Noah on holidays soon.

Gross food tales

Mick and Johnno share gross tales of maggots, moths and slugs in their food. And you've got to see Sarah's digusted face when Mick explains what flies do when they...