100k wings

100k wings

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Sarah's got issues!

It's great to have Sarah back in the studio after her gall bladder surgery, but she's noticed a few issues. Poor Mick and Johnno! 

Johnno's career change

How hard is it to change careers? Johnno's been in radio for 30 odd years but Sarah and Mick have a new job for him! Bring on Big Kev!

Tips for dealing with Mick

Did Jackie O just call Mick a child?! Sarah asks for some tips on dealing with headstrong Mick and gets some advice that Mick seems to agree with 😂

Yo-yos as weapons

Did you know yo-you were originally weapons? Could you do any tricks with yours?

Neil Finn from Crowded House

Sarah, Mick and Johnno had a terrific catchup with Neil Finn from Crowded House ahead of their concert in Hobart in April! Neil spoke about keeping the music fresh after all...

Mick and Jackie O talk about their anxiety

Mick and radio star Jackie O talk about their struggles with anxiety, how they dealt with it and the importance of talking about mental health issues and getting help. If you...

Tasmania's great internet outage

Tasmania had no internet - and some people didn't even have phone - yesterday for several hours. Sarah's daughter Marley was devastated, Johnno used emergency money and Mick reflected on...

Embarrassing pocket dial stories

Mick has had issues with pocket dialling lately, so Sarah asked Hobart to share their embarrassing pocket dial stories. Oh the horror! Watch as she reads them out.

Rats as big as cats!

In the UK, rats are as big as cats and are coming up through the pipes and taking over people's houses!

Credit cards on your phone

 Mick doesn't trust putting his credit cards on his phone, and Sarah has two very funny reasons why he shouldn't trust it either!

Optical illusions

Sarah has a theory about why some people can't figure out those optical illusions... what do you think? Here's a link to the illusion they're talking about:  

Celebrity Hall Pass

Do you have a Celebrity Hall Pass? Who's yours? Not sure what one is? Sarah explains... and then you better find out if your partner has one!