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Mick recaps mind numbing TV

Mick recaps the trashy TV he's been watching... what do you think of his imitation of reality tv stars? 🤣

Great debate: Work vs weather

With snow on the mountain today in Hobart, Mick wondered how many people took the day off work. Do you think it's okay to use the weather as a reason...

Kitchen fail

Sarah talks about a kitchen fail... with a boiled egg! 🤣 🥚 "How stupid can you be?" asks Mick. We'll let Sarah explain...  (Don't try this at home people!)

Mick played among the human bones at school

Mick used to play among what he thought were animal bones at boarding school in Hobart... only to discover a grisly truth! Find out which school was built on a...

Hot Sauce Challenge

 Dave from Van Demon's De Cafe brought the spice to Mick and Johnno with his hot sauce challenge. Find out how the guys did with all that heat!

Spicy fun facts

Sarah has some spicy fun facts for us about chillies, including what not to drink if you want the spicy pain to go away 🌶 🌶 🌶

Sarah the cricket star

Sarah had a go at playing cricket and got the "catch of the season". True story!

Mick wants to go into space

Mick is a big fan of Jeff Bezos, who is planning to build 'Orbital Reef', a space station with a hotel in the next 9 years. Mick's ready to get...

Do you do Halloween?

Sarah's happy to see people embracing Halloween, but Mick's not a fan. What do you think? 🎃 👻

Will aliens save us from ourselves?

Mick tells the story of aliens at a US airforce base who disabled the missiles. Maybe they'll save us from ourselves. As long as we stop calling them aliens, apparently...

Fake fur

Mick tells how former US president Trump gave back two fur coats gifted to him because they were fake... then confesses he'd love a real fur coat. Sarah and Johnno...

Mick's shark encounter

Mick and his friend were diving and wearing special vests to scare the sharks away... or so they thought!

Mick's tooth hack!

Mick couldn't get into the dentist so did a hack using something from the good ol' toolbox! Have you ever done anything like this?!

Johnno the Genie

Apparently if you rub Johnno's shiny head long enough, you'll get three wishes... 🤣 🧞‍♀️

Hey Hey It's Saturday memories

Are you excited for the 50th anniversary special of Hey Hey It's Saturday in October? What are your memories of the show?