About Sarah Morrison

Sarah first joined 7HOFM as a member of the Street Team, but it wasn’t long before her natural personality and dedication saw her rise to the role of Promotions Manager. Then in 2018 an opportunity came up to join Mick on the Breakfast Show, and the rest is history!

Outside of work hours, Sarah has always been involved in theatre and dance. She currently oversees the Tasmanian Jack Jumpers Jump Squad.

And she is also Mum to the beautiful Marley. She says: “I didn’t know you could possibly love something so hard so fast. I’m so lucky to work for a company like 7HOFM and alongside Mick and Johnno who love Marley like their own and make bringing her to work so easy”.

Sarah is a born and bred Hobartian. Born at Calvary, grew up in Kingston, and after travelling the world and living in Melbourne, is now living back in Kingston close to her family.

About Mick Newell

Mick is also Hobart born and bred, and is passionate about Tassie, Hobart, and the Huon. He knows just about everyone and has a story to go with it.

Boats, his grandson Noah, and food are his passions. Name a job and he’s probably done it. He spent many years as a commercial abalone diver and has some great stories to tell. He’s lost count of how many times he’s nearly died!

He got his big break in the national TV spotlight as a contestant on the 2013 season of My Kitchen Rules with his son Matt. From diving for abalone to talking baloney, Mick has gone from the boat to the MKR kitchen, to Breakfast on 7HOFM.

About Johnno

His real name is Kevin Johnson, but he has been known as Johnno since he was at school, which was sometime last century.

Johnno has been working in radio since 1990. Born and bred in Sydney’s western suburbs, his career has taken him around Australia and the world. He met his wife Rae while working in England, and they’ve been married since 1999. They came to Hobart in 2008 and fell in love with the place. Their son Harry was born a year later, and now goes to Hobart City High School.

Not only does Johnno look after Sarah and Mick each morning making sure they get to air on time (‘It’s like herding cats!’), but he is also the Assistant Content Director at 7HOFM. This means he’s the boss when the boss isn’t there, which is a lot.

Side note – Johnno’s wife Rae Earl is a successful author. She has written several books, including ‘My Mad Fat Diary’ which became a UK TV series (available to watch in Australia on Stan). Based on her real teenage diaries.

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