Meet Beau Brescianini

I’m probably best described as a large, loud, lummox. Proud of my male pattern baldness and ever fond of the beard I intend to wear long after fashions swing back against it. If like Queen Victoria you believe the chin is the window to the soul I may seem somewhat strange to you.

I love entertainment. I’m a cinefile aka movie nerd, love the theatre, AFL (Eagles) EPL, American football, Basketball, Ice Hockey, Music and live theatre. I love the ocean and water in general, and I love traveling. everything about it, but time will run out before I can see the whole world I’m sure. When it’s food, Mum’s Pumpkin Lasagne is up top but Italian, Thai and BBQ are often my cravings. That said, as my pic suggests I love a lot of foods. Drinking I’ll take a nice peaty Scotch whisky or better yet a rubbish one and a good mate to share it with.

I love a good time with my mates is probably the most accurate thing I can say. Out on the town, or couching it up I don’t care. I love Tassie, there’s so much to love about our hidden gem it’s not funny. What I want from life is to be happy.

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