Here Are All The Stores That Are Open This ANZAC Day

April 24, 2024 12:54 pm in by Kelsey Nagel

Be prepared this ANZAC Day!

As Australians commemorate the sacrifices of our service men and women, many will rise early for Dawn Services while others enjoy a game of two-up or host barbecues. However, ensure you’re not caught off guard on Thursday, 25th April.

Here are the trading hours for major supermarkets and bottle shops:

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  • NSW, ACT, VIC, NT: Most stores open from 1pm.
  • QLD, SA, WA: Most stores closed all day.
  • TAS: All stores open from 12:30pm.


  • NSW, ACT, VIC: All stores open from 1pm.
  • NT: All stores open after midday with reduced hours.
  • QLD: All stores closed.
  • TAS: All stores open after 12:30pm with reduced hours.
  • SA: Some stores open with reduced hours.
  • WA: Most stores closed, except for select locations.
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  • Nationwide: Stores open with varying times.

Liquor stores:


  • Nationwide: Majority of stores open from 1pm until 8-9pm.
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Dan Murphy’s:

  • QLD, NT, SA, WA, VIC, TAS: Stores open from 1pm until 6-7pm.
  • NSW, ACT: Stores open from 1:15pm until 6-7pm.


  • NSW, VIC, NT, ACT, TAS: All stores open with reduced hours.
  • QLD, SA, WA: Many stores closed.

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