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Richard "Moorie" Moore celebrates 50 years on air

photo richard moore

Congratulations to our very own Richard "Moorie" Moore, who is celebrating 50 years on the air!

Moorie has mostly worked for 7HOFM during his career and has actually retired twice - in 2005 and 2013.

But lucky for us he keeps coming back to the airwaves.

“There were some times during my career I thought, maybe I should be doing something else,” he admits. “But it’s basically if you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.”

moorie then and now

Moorie started as a cadet announcer in January 1971 at Burnie's 7BU on the North West Coast, aged just 17. But in October he took up a job as an announcer at 7HOFM and the rest is radio history.

With 50 years of memories to reflect on, Moorie says the highlight is easily his 21 years doing the Cooke and Moore breakfast show with Bob Cooke on 7HOFM.

“Doing breakfast is a fairly high pressure thing, you’re in each other’s faces but we got on really well and we still do,” Moorie says. “It was basically adlib, just zinging and zanging off each other.

“We always used to think we were having a conversation and everybody was listening but we included everyone in the conversation.”

richard and bob raward
Moorie and Bob receiving a rAWARD in the 1990s

Cooke and Moorie had worked together on TV shows for TVT-6 (Hobart), now WIN Television, in the late 70s, so a radio partnership wasn’t a surprise.

“Bob actually showed me how to operate 7HO's panel and turntables and all that sort of thing when I started at 7HO, so that’s when the friendship started,” Moorie says.

“But I actually used to listen to him growing up on 7HOFM and that’s probably what sparked my interest in doing radio because I really loved music pop music, I still love pop music, that’s why I still like the job.”

There were three things Moorie wanted to do when he started. “Obviously I wanted to be on radio, I wanted to be on TV and I wanted to make a record, which Bob and I did as Vinnie and the V8s in the late 70s,” he says. “So I’ve ticked all the boxes, which is a good thing.”

And what’s next on Moorie's list?

“Just to continue enjoying what I do, but it’s not just about me enjoying it,” Moorie says. “It’s got to be enjoyed by the people that listen to you and the bosses at the radio station you’re working for too,” he says with a laugh. “So until that goes pear shaped or I win Tattslotto or whatever, I’ll continue on the journey.”