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safe night space

7HOFM is proud to support the Safe Night Space Program to provide a safe, overnight place for people who are sleeping on the streets of Hobart.

The program is a joint initiative of Hobart City Mission and The Salvation Army and is supported by the Hobart City Council.

The pilot program is starting at the end of 2019 and will be a place to shelter, rest and connect to support such as mental health services, drug and alcohol services, doctors and more permanent housing solutions. 

7HOFM is encouraging people to donate to the Safe Night Space program to help raise enough money to get the program up and running.Click here to donate.

The program was developed through conversations with real people sleeping on the streets of Hobart. The conversations highlighted the every day struggles that people who are experiencing primary homelessness face – from finding food and showers, to personal safety – things that most people take for granted. 

Listen to Stacey, Craig and Mick talk about their experiences, and how the Safe Night Space program would help them, or scroll down for an overview about the program.




Find out more about the program here: