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Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test! 

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

Congratulations to our latest winner - Pam from Old Beach won $760 on 5th March 2021 for guessing:

‘Running your fingers over a pineapple’.

Previous winners:

Zoe from New Norfolk won $560 on 22nd December 2020 for guessing: 

'A handful of Ooshies on the table'!

Gillian from Moonah won $860 on 18th November 2020 for guessing:

'Pulling the string from a stick of celery’.

Brett from Howrah won $960 on 23rd September 2020 for guessing:

'Coffee grounds dropping into a filter paper'.

Nicole Goddard from Howrah, who won $460 on 27th July 2020 for guessing:

‘Using a pumice stone on your foot’.

Gail Barr from Howrah won $1020 on 30th June 2020 for guessing:

'Opening the air vents in your car'.


A new Secret Sound started on 9th March 2021. Here are the incorrect guesses so far:

Opening/closing compartments in fridge

An Axe hitting wood

Flicking a piece of paper with your finger

Smashing open an Easter egg

Hitting a drumstick on the side of a drum

Closing the air vent on a car

Fidget ball 

Putting the back on a phone after replacing the battery

Stapler retracting

The second hand ticking on a clock

Flicking a light switch

Cutting a stem with a pair of secateurs 

Snapping a rubber band on a rolled-up newspaper

Clipping the papers into a ring folder

Closing the rings on a 2-ring binder

Opening or closing a Tic Tac container

Closing the cover of a smoke alarm

Banging two wooden spoons together

Closing a sliding window

Dart going into a dartboard

The click of a grandfather clock

Venetian blinds tapping against a window/windowsill

Shutting a bread bin


Clothes peg clicking up and down

Flicking a light switch or power point switch

A glasses case snapping shut

The click of a metronome

The latch on an aluminium sliding door

Plastic fidget popper toy


Cutting a carrot with an 8-inch knife on a wooden board

A banana snapping 

Flicking your finger on a car window

Toilet lid closing


The first thing dropped into an empty wheelie bin

A cane tapping something

Cracking a chocolate egg

An old typewriter

Sliding a deadlock

Closing the lid on dental floss

Magnet going on a fridge

Pressing down the button on a jug

A coconut hitting the bench

A knife hitting a chopping board after going through a carrot

Opening a jam jar and popping the seal

Chopping something on a chopping board

Pool/Snooker balls hitting each other

A phone cover that folds and snaps shut

Snapping shut a glasses case

Turning a power-point on and off

A slap-band

Throwing a tennis ball that sticks to a mat (Gripball)

A drop of water in a metal sink

Bashing a piece of cutlery on a wooden chopping board

Hitting two wooden spoons together

Snapping a rubber band on an Australia Post poster tube

Hitting a hard-boiled egg with the back of a spoon

Fridge door closing

Flicking the clip on a clipboard

Closing a suitcase

The lid dropping down on a kettle

Clicking a gaslighter

Tapping your ring on a glass

Snapping an elastic band around a book

 Tapping the coffee cup with a spoon

 Flicking your fingernail on a hard surface

Tapping a spoon on a piece of paper

Cup dropping from a coffee dispenser

Poking a knife through the seal on a tin of milo or coffee

Tapping a spoon on a sink

Cutting Fruit or veg on a chopping board

Water dripping into a bucket

Seat belt being plugged in

Striking a match

Popping a lock on a suitcase

Opening a Milo tin with a spoon

Oven timer

Releasing a door handle 

 Cutting a carrot out and apple

Hitting in a garden stake

A basketball bouncing on concrete

Snapping the clip on a clipboard

Hitting your ring under the table

Hitting a ping pong ball with a ping pong bat

Pet door

Flicking a light switch

Large office stapler


Child lock

Closing a drawer

Slapping a Spatula on a bench

Slapping a ruler on a desk

A rain stick

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