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Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test!

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

Congratulations to our latest winners:

Karin Hodel from Lenah Valley won $160 on 23rd of April fro guessing "Wheelie Bin lid hitting the side of the bin'

Sarah Bond from Risdon Vale won $1000 on Friday the 17th April for guessing 'Putting a catcher on a lawnmower'.

Nigel Salt from Hobart won $860 on Friday the 7th of February for guessing: 'Putting a candle into a candle holder'.

Brian Muir from Taroona won $160 on Thursday 5th December, for guessing: 'Opening a window on an Advent Calendar'.

Rex from New Town - who won $1620 on Friday 29th November, for guessing: 'Throwing lollies into a bin'.

Alice from Moonah - who won $1840 on Wednesday 14th August, for guessing: 'Running a finger/implement down the spines of a cactus plant'. 


A new Secret Sound started on Monday the 24th of April. Here is the list of incorrect guesses so far:

Pushing a sensor bin 

An ice cube falling into a plastic cup 

Pushing in an interior light on a car 

Turning a doorknob quickly and releasing it

Closing a dryer door

Opening an old attache case

Opening or closing a dishwasher door

Squeezing the handles of an ice cream scoop

Electronic car boot opener

Central locking on a vehicle

The disc tray of a DVD player when you close it

Disconnecting or connecting earplugs from a portable radio or phone

Shutting a fly screen door 

A lock on a sliding door

Closing a file cabinet

Putting the leg of a recliner back in

Pressing a camera button

Toaster being pushed down

Roller blind shooting up

Closing a window 

Replacing an ink cartridge

Sliding window

Sliding door

Pressing down a toaster

Pressing the retractable cord button  down on a vacuum cleaner

Electric stapler

Putting ink into the cartridge 

Cutting a piece of paper

Postage stamp

Pressing a spacebar on a keyboard

Playing Hungry Hungry Hippos

Pressing the handle on a flour sifter

Price marking gun

Labelling machine

The total button on the right-hand side of a cash register

A printer

Changing gears in a car

Closing the sunroof in a car

Putting a petrol pump back in bowser

An old-style printer

Date stamp

Closing a cash register drawer

Opening a deadlock

The flip-lock on a gate 

Loading/reloading a nail gun

A typewriter

An automatic hand sanitiser dispenser

A hotel door keycard

Credit card swipe machine

Putting the old corded phone back on the hook

Locking or unlocking the latch on a sliding door

Turning off an overhead light 

A guillotine

Pushing down a button on an old cash register

Folder that you clip together

Nail Gun 

Vegetable slicer 

Can crusher

Pushing the lid down on a CD player

Vending machine dispensing Coke and lollies etc.

Key in the ignition trying to start a car

Coin slot on a washing machine

Clicking the button on a jug and the lid flips up

Adjusting a vacuum cleaner pipe 

A pogo stick 

A vacuum cleaner without the end getting stuck to something

Microwave door opening

Unlocking a deadbolt

Date stamper

Taking a CD out of a case

Banging 2 shoes together

Old timeclock check-in/out machine

Puttin in a fridge/freezer drawer

Closing a mirror on the sun visors in a car 

Closing a microwave door

CD stuck in a CD player

Putting a cassette into a cassette machine

Locking windows with the Lock Windows button in the car

Swiping an EFTPOS machine 

A hole punch

Opening a till / Cash Register

A postage stamp 

An electric stapler

A self-inking stamp

an Air hockey Puck

Putting the lid on a shredder

Taking a photo on a phone

A Microwave Door

Striking a match

Central Locking on a car

An Air Compression gun / Nail Gun

Old Credit Card Machine (Used with Carbon paper)

Auto-lock on a car key

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