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Apple for the Teacher 2021 Winner Wing

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 Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test! 

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

Listen out on "Freebie Friday" when one lucky caller who rings in to guess the sound will automatically win an awesome prize from Harvey Norman Clearance Centre Kingston, where everything is priced to clear.

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Congratulations to our latest winners - 

Shelley won $140 on 10th August 2021 for guessing:

'A dog chewing on a rubber toy''


Tina from Blackmans Bay won $1000 on 5th August 2021 for guessing:

'Pulling a belt out through the belt loops'

Previous winners:
Susan Osborne from Mt Nelson won $100 on 1st June 2021 for guessing:
'Dropping a Wellington boot/gumboot'.
James from Midway Point won $1220 on 31st May 2021 for guessing:
'Taking OFF the attachment to a hairdryer'.
Pam from Old Beach won $760 on 5th March 2021 for guessing:
‘Running your fingers over a pineapple’.

A new Secret Sound started on 10th August 2021. Here are some of the incorrect guesses so far:

A shampoo bottle 

Pulling the lid on and off a plastic bottle

Putting in/taking out the blades on an electric knife

Opening a bottle with a corkscrew

Spray bottle

Putting the milk frother into a coffee machine

Medical clamp

Squeezing a plastic water bottle

Pop-top lid on a water bottle

Squeezing a sauce bottle

Turning a canister lid

Twisting the cap of a steel bottle top

Record dropping on an old-style record player

Squeezing an empty Coke bottle

Empty handpump soap dispenser

Handheld sewing machine

Self-inking date stamp

Turning a door handle and letting it go

Wallmounted coffee/sugar dispenser

Sliding a manual credit card machine back and forth

Taking out or pushing in the crumb tray on a toaster

A clothes dryer turning off

Clicking a desktop or laptop computer mouse

Egg timer

Pressing down on a logo stamp

Clicking an artificial sweetener container

A manual credit card machine 

Sliding a rechargeable battery into a whipper snipper

Pressing a seatbelt receiver when there is no seatbelt plugged in

Screen door

Mobile phone holder - car cradle

Button on a car handbrake

An office ink stamp


Child safety lock on a gate

Putting bread in a coaster

Clicking the auto window up and down in the car

Changing slides on a slide projector


The mouthpiece (valve) of a drink bottle

Changing directions on a lint brush

Swiping a card to unlock a door

Asthma inhaler

Cutting button on a Dymo label machine

Pressing down the dice on the board game trouble

Squeezing an Equal sugar tablet out of the container

Squashing a can

Clicking a child lock or safety lid on a bottle

Clicking a rechargeable vacuum cleaner onto its charging port

Crushing a Coke can

Putting an appliance plug into a power point

Toy camera

An empty plastic bottle being squeezed

Changing a roll on the toilet roll holder

Flicking the end of a biro

Loading and unloading a Nerf Gun

Plastic bottle being squeezed

Overhead sunglasses compartment in a car

Turning the lid of a jar

Clicking a seatbelt

Ratchet tie-down being used

Pez dispenser 

The second hand on a clock ticking

Fitting your aircon remote control into the bracket on the wall

Clicking the fitting on the end of a garden hose

The indicator on a car

A clutch on a motorbike

Folding the flip cover on a mobile phone

Adjustable car headrest

Clicking a Viewmaster

Clicking a ballpoint pen

Clicking a pen

Hole punch

Oven timer

Locking a Post Office letterbox

Staple remover

Clicking close the lid on a pen or texta

Using a pricing gun

Pulling the handle on a flour sifter

Tic Tac or Saccharine container

Car handbrake

Car ashtray

A viewfinder clicking

Wind-up toy

Flicking an electric kettle switch

Slide projector

A stapler and photocopy thingy

Salt grinder

Lifting the latch on a child safety gate

Motorised soap dispenser

Turning a hanging light cord on /off

Flicking the little switchy things on a Fidget cube

Pushing the key button on a mechanical keyboard

Putting the beaters into an electric mixer

Supermarket price gun

Date stamp

Using an ice cream scoop

Clicking a Viewfinder

Locking or unlocking a padlock

Turning a car indicator on and off

A hole punch


Rabbit ear type of salt and pepper shakers

Locking or unlocking  screen door

Counter from a chessboard

Unbuckling a seatbelt

Opening or closing a sandwich maker

Demister in the car

Date stamp

Clicking a counter

Loading a shotgun

Clicking a top on or off a spray can /oil can

Clicking a seat belt

Hole punch

Clips locking in to place on a container

Buttons on a fidget cube


Vacuum cleaner attachment

Shaking a Tic Tac container


Berty Beetle clicker

Playing the board game Operation

Car indicator turning on

A clothes dryer timer

Staple gun


Putting a Staysharp knife into its attachment

A stapler

Turning a Rubik's cube

Pencil sharpener

A straw going into a fast-food drink lid

Office stamp for a letter

Deadlocking a door

Pez dispenser

Clicking in a dog chain


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