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 Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test! 

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

Congratulations to our latest winners - 

Susan Osborne from Mt Nelson won $100 on 1st June 2021 for guessing:
'Dropping a Wellington boot/gumboot'.
James from Midway Point won $1220 on 31st May 2021 for guessing:
'Taking OFF the attachment to a hairdryer'.

Previous winners:

Pam from Old Beach won $760 on 5th March 2021 for guessing:

‘Running your fingers over a pineapple’.

Zoe from New Norfolk won $560 on 22nd December 2020 for guessing: 

'A handful of Ooshies on the table'


A new Secret Sound started on 2nd June 2021. Here are some of the incorrect guesses so far:

Running hands across vertical blinds

Rubbing sandpaper on wood

Using a guillotine to cut paper

Sliding a coaster

Water going into a plastic bucket

Scraping ice off a freezer

Dragging a big plastic plant pot along a driveway

Ripping the foil seal off a coffee jar or Milo tin

Disconnecting an air compressor tool

Disconnecting a bike pump from a tyre

Pouring cat litter/sand into a litter tray

Steam from a cappuccino maker

Taking the cap off a fizzy drink

Sweeping water off the concrete with a broom

Ripping material - denim jeans

Sandpaper on concrete

Ripping tape off a box

Pressure washer

Taking off a pair of rubber gloves

Sliding in a soda stream

Lint roller

Closing Venetian blinds

Pulling Velcro apart

Ripping down a piece of paper

The lid on a trash can

Hair spray

Tearing a strip of foil off the roll

Squeezing sauce out of a plastic sauce bottle

Taking the pump off a tyre after inflating it

Peeling a zucchini

Trowelling off concrete

Using a shovel outside

Pressing an Air Wick canister

Tearing a letter in half


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