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Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test!

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

For Choices Flooring - the floor you have been searching for, and Sleepy's Cambridge Park - with free old mattress removal.

Congratulations to our latest winners:

Jenny from Warrane - who won $300 on Monday 8th April, for guessing: 'Flicking the day/night selection switch on a rear view mirror.'

Angela from Seven Mile Beach - who won $200 on Monday 25th March, for guessing: 'Pulling the piston out of a balloon pump'.

Allan Harrold from Mornington - who won $1040 on Friday 15th March, for guessing: 'Changing the direction of a lint remover'.

Frances Shott from Warrane - who won $220 on Friday 21st December, for guessing: 'Unlocking a deadbolt on a door'.

Charlie from Rokeby - who won $1060 on Wednesday 12th December, or guessing: 'The handle on a vice'.


A new Secret Sound started on Monday 8th April. We already know it's not: 

Leaking toilet

Shell beaded necklace

Bathwater going down the drain 

Bubbles coming out of a bubble machine

Tamagotchi game

Scrabble tiles into/out of a bag

Opening and closing a snap frame with the posters inside

Discs in the game Connect 4 snapping together

A pull along toy 

Moving furniture on castor wheels

Putting in/pulling out a key in a padlock


The clicking sound of a fishing reel

Plastic beads of a vertical blind

Finger running up and down a comb 

Water going into a water tank

Water bubbling in a flameless water candle

Toys going around a Xmas tree

A tag on your bike spokes when you spin the wheel around

Cards lining up in the electronic version of Solitaire

Dominos falling down 

Water or milk trickling into a cup

Candle melting down and the flame hitting the liquid wax at the bottom

Running your hand through a bag of pistachio nut shells

Ceramic water feature or fountain

Turning the dial on a steam iron

Shaking  baby's rattle

Soap holder with suction cups

Zipping up a zip

Breaking the plastic seal on a milk bottle

A soap dish coming off the bench 

Lego blocks 

Milk going into a bowl with Rice Bubbles in it

Someone playing dominos

When you take a roast out of the oven and it's still spitting

Glass breaking or cracking

Opening a can of soft drink

Washing machine filling up with water

Shaking Scrabble tiles in the bag

Water or ocean waves from a meditation app

Unreeling dental floss

Scuba diver's oxygen indicator

The snap, crackle and pop in Rice Bubbles

A canary in a cage

Water in a hot frypan

Pulling up a rubber bath mat with little suction cups

Running the slider down a phone index

Dropping a fine necklace

Draughts (from the game) jiggling around in your hand

Popping a tablet out of a sheet of pills

Shaking a pair of dice in your hands

Shells from the beach strung together and tinkling

A Marimba / Xylophone

Cutting the Alfoil along the serrated edge, off the roll

Pulling the clear seal down the side of a container, from the top

A bird

Straining the water out of a teabag

Kids roly-poly toy

Rolling a rubber band down paper/poster

A socket Wrench tightening nuts

Playing with a beaded necklace

A bowl with suction caps being pulled across off a table

Pasta falling into a pot of water

Windchime on a balcony

Unlocking a mobile phone

Pouring a glass of water from a water dispenser in a fridge door

Wooden rainmaker/percussion instrument

Spokey-Dokes from a bike

Peeling the plastic seal off a bottle or jar

A sink starting to overflow

Toy bead rollercoaster

Frozen food going into hot oil

Rain on a caravan roof

Undoing the safety seal on a bottle

Putting Lego the pieces together in the Batman Lego game

Water dribbling into a cup or bowl in the sink  

Cylinder with little balls in it - turning it upside down

Tipping bath salts into a bathtub full of water

Running an ice cube tray under water to loosen the ice cubes

Bending a flexible drinking straw

Moving a windchime with your hand

Magnetic flyscreen door

Running your finger down the side of a wire brush

A tap dripping into a sink

Knocking over dominoes

Water trickling into a heater/AC

Putting marbles down a wooden marble run

Running fingers over an egg slicer

Running a stick down a xylophone 

Beads on an abacus trickling down

Eye-dropper in a bottle of Panadol

Bubbles in a carbonated drink

Dropping pick-up sticks

Extending a bendy straw

Sticky Tape being pulled off a dispenser

Dropping chopped garlic into a frying pan

Dropping Shells/crushed shells into the ocean/water

Undoing a velcro tag

Pouring salt into a pot of water

Walking through a beaded door screen

Cooking popcorn

Dropping fragrant oil into a humidifier

Taking medication out of a foil packet

Turning a child's kaleidoscope

Twisting really small bubble-wrap

Turning on sprinklers

Unreeling adhesive tape

Breaking the plastic perforated seal on a jar

Water dripping into hot oil

Water circulating through a pet electric water fountain

Slowly letting the air out of a ballon

Filling a grinder with rock salt

Sandwich press heating up

Jacob's Ladder toy (click-clack)

Shaking a spray can

Frying an egg

Ribbed wooden sound tube (percussion instrument)

A roast in the oven

Putting water into a steam iron

Twisting the gas cylinder on an inhaler/puffer

A fridge clicking into defrost mode

A Plastic cable tie

Turning on a column heater

Water dripping into the tray of a dehumidifier

Breaking ice cubes out of an ice cube tray

Windscreen wipers going across the windscreen as the water sprays out

Fat cooling in a pan/fryer

A lava lamp warming up

Running your thumb across a plastic comb

Champagne being opened

Kids' hand-held water game with hoops

Using a magnet to pick up drawing pins

Bamboo wind-chime

A Metal Detector

Rattling a baby rattle

Crinkling the foil on the back of a sheet of pills

Water running down a downpipe

Ice Cracking in water/drink

Dropping a handful of pencils

Water going through a water filter

Standing on Bubble Wrap

Water running down the fountain on the Railway Roundabout

Popping candy in your mouth

Ratchet / Cog Rattle musical instrument

Marble race or run

Rainstick (musical instrument)

A tap leaking into a bowl/sink

The last of the bath water emptying out 

Heating oil in a fryer/pan

Starting the hot water to run a bath

Dropping something in hot oil to cook it

A Native American Rainmaker

A pair of dice being shaken in a jar or plastic container

Milk coming out of a coffee machine

Fish tank filter

Verticle blinds opening

Coffee dripping down in a coffee machine

Turning on a shower

Coffee percolator

Pushing across a bunch of clothes on a hanger in a cupboard

Bubble effect on Messenger

Oil sizzling in a frypan

Plastic toy bird whistle

Rubbing your hands along a bead curtain in a doorway

Self-defrosting fridge

Rubbing your finger on freshly cleaned teeth

Wooden frog toy percussion instrument

Dial-up modem for the internet

The filter in a fish tank

Water in a diffuser 

The wind blowing through a wooden wind chime

Turning on a free-standing oil heater when the oil starts to trickle

Running your fingernail along the teeth of a comb

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