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Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test!

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

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Congratulations to our latest winners:

Alice from Moonah - who won $1840 on Wednesday 14th August, for guessing: 'Running a finger/implement down the spines of a cactus plant'. See a VIDEO of the sound here.

Jenny from Warrane - who won $300 on Monday 8th April, for guessing: 'Flicking the day/night selection switch on a rear view mirror.'

Angela from Seven Mile Beach - who won $200 on Monday 25th March, for guessing: 'Pulling the piston out of a balloon pump'.

Allan Harrold from Mornington - who won $1040 on Friday 15th March, for guessing: 'Changing the direction of a lint remover'. 

A new Secret Sound started on Thursday 15th August. Here is the list of incorrect guesses so far:

Paper going into an electric stapler 

Doing up a bike helmet 

Popping a straw through the top of a plastic lid on a takeaway container

Pressing a straw into a popper 

Lifting toilet seat onto Cistern

Closing the door on a coffee pod machine

Popping a balloon

Opening up a coffee jar 

A key in the ignition 

Opening up a tin of coffee with a spoon 

Toilet brush into the toilet brush container 

Taking a plastic cup from a water cooler

Closing a sliding door

Clipping up a suitcase 

Opening a bag of chips

Popping a lid on a coffee cup

An ATM machine putting the card in or out

Putting petrol in the car 

Putting the lid down on an electric kettle

Lifting the lid on a detergent bottle

Opening a car door by hand

Flicking on a light switch

An old telephone hanging up

Opening the door of a front-loading washing machine

Turning on or off a power switch

The magnet on a mobile phone case

A kettle switching off

Clicking your fingers

Closing a microwave door

Opening a fridge door

Tapping fingers on a bench

Closing the arms of a pair of glasses

Opening the pop-up lid on a drink bottle

Bashing shoes together 

When you remove the plastic seal from a bottle of milk

Banging used coffee granules into a container

Pressing down a toaster 

Car indicator clicking back down after turning a corner

Putting the phone down 

Taking a bite out of an apple

Pushing or pulling a key out of a key barrel

Putting a knife into a knife block

A chocolate wheel clicking over

Throwing a quoit onto a peg

Clicking a seatbelt in

Crushing a garlic clove with the back of a knife

Throwing wooden blocks on top of one another

Crushing a coke can

Snapping shut a 3 ring binder folder

Stamping or jumping into a muddle puddle with gumboots on

Timekeeping stamp

Plugging your seatbelt in

Ripping a ringpull lid off a can

A window closing

Vacuum sealer on a food saver

Flipping the lid up on a tube of toothpaste

Stomping on a plastic cup

Opening the ringtop lid on a can

Cord going back into a vacuum cleaner

Removing a petrol cap

Flicking a switch on a switchboard

Picking up a computer mouse and putting it down

Changing the bag on a vacuum 

Digging in the garden dirt with a trowel

When you puff your cheeks out and squish the air out

Old fashioned raffle book stamper

Button on the coffee machine 

Turning a deadlock

Pushing the button down to boil a kettle

Taking the top of a boiled egg

Locking a car door with the remote control

Pressing the button on the board game Trouble

Closing a toilet lid 

Putting the foot down on a sewing machine

Locking a door with a key

Opening the tab on a dishwasher compartment

Clicking a safety harness into the parcel shelf of a car

Clicking a pen up and down

Closing the petrol cap

Closing a plastic Kinder Surprise Egg

Dropping the bonnet of your car

Popping bubble wrap 

Putting a knife into a pumpkin and chopping down on the skin

Closing a dryer/washing machine door

A lint filter in the dryer 

Shuffling a pack of cards

Stomping your foot

A stapler 

Jamming a seatbelt in a car door

Putting a shopping basket back on top of the pile

A mobile phone turning off

The egg holder in the fridge

A stapler going through paper 

Putting the toaster lever down

Flicking a tea-towel

Dropping a book 

Closing a bread bin

Breaking an egg

Dropping an egg on the floor 

Ring-binder you used to put your school books in

Football clacker

Dropping a toilet seat

Closing a wheelie bin lid

Dropping a pen onto a book

Tearing toilet paper

Bank stamping a receipt

Closing sliding doors

Pressing the button to open a microwave

Stomping in a muddy puddle 

 Putting the lid down on a jug

 Viewfinder toy

The top of a photocopier closing 

Pruning a garden plant

Automatic locks on a car

Makeup mirror on a sun visor 

Opening the lid of a shampoo bottle

Moving the gear-shift in a car

Swiping a credit card 

Closing a lunchbox

A briefcase clip

The clip of a trunk or footlocker 

Clipping a lead/leash onto a dog's collar

Clipping your seat belt in

The locks flipping up on a briefcase

Closing the lid on a clip-lock cannister

Closing a car door 

Clicking up a sun visor in the car 

Pressing the space bar on a keyboard

Crushing a can

A filo fax with phone numbers or photos

Numbers flipping down on an old-fashion digital clock

Turning a Rubik's cube

Plastic zip lock bag 

Pushing the lever down on a toaster

Flicking through some paper

People marching

A franking machine at the post office

Rolling a couple of dice

Price tagger 

Closing the glove box in a car

The latch closing on a window

Shuffling playing cards 


Nail gun

Clicking a camera shutter 

Pressing down on a self-inking stamp

Extendable ladder

Old typewriter

Shooting a paintball gun

Taking a Photo 

Closing clips on a plastic container

Closing some clips on a plastic container

Blinkers on a car

Dropping an ice cube tray on a bench

Price tag gun

Water dripping from a tap

The shutter count in a camera clicking over

Pulling a cup down out of a water dispenser

Buckles on a suitcase 

Chopping some firewood kindling

Aluminium can being crushed

Chopping wood

Flicking up the release lever on a binder

Paper punch

Hole punch

Sealing a bag - putting it through the machine that clicks

A stapler

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