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Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test!

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

For Choices Flooring - the floor you have been searching for, Sleepy's Cambridge Park - with free old mattress removal, and Abel's Carpet Cleaning - find them on Facebook.

Congratulations to our latest winners:

Nigel Salt from Hobart won $860 on Friday the 7th of February for guessing: 'Putting a candle into a candle holder' 

Brian Muir from Taroona won $160 on Thursday 5th December, for guessing: 'Opening a window on an Advent Calendar'.

Rex from New Town - who won $1620 on Friday 29th November, for guessing: 'Throwing lollies into a bin'.

Alice from Moonah - who won $1840 on Wednesday 14th August, for guessing: 'Running a finger/implement down the spines of a cactus plant'. 

Jenny from Warrane - who won $300 on Monday 8th April, for guessing: 'Flicking the day/night selection switch on a rearview mirror.'

Angela from Seven Mile Beach - who won $200 on Monday 25th March, for guessing: 'Pulling the piston out of a balloon pump'.

Allan Harrold from Mornington - who won $1040 on Friday 15th March, for guessing: 'Changing the direction of a lint remover'. 

A new Secret Sound started on Tuesday the 11th of February. Here is the list of incorrect guesses so far:

Buckles on a briefcase 

The handle on a suitcase 

falling of rocks or pebbles 

Soft close of a door 

Someone jumping from a step 

Closing a suitcase 

Pulling up the blinds 

Closing a suitcase 

Trying to kickstart a motorbike

Putting fruit in a fruit bowl

Stacking Boxes

Stepping down Stairs in boots/shoes

Dropping a phone on the floor

Phone recording being dropped into a pocket

Flipping pages through a book

Flicking Fingers on a table/nervous tapping

A pair of boots being put down on a wooden floor 

A door closing 

A cupboard closing

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