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Secret Sound 7hofm new 

7HOFM's Secret Sound... Hobart's Ultimate Ear Test!

Playing weekdays at 8:20am, 11:20am and 3:20pm, you'll have the chance to score an awesome cash prize!

If no one guesses correctly, the prize jackpots by $20 each day until someone does.

Congratulations to our latest winner:

Brett from Howrah won $960 on 23rd September 2020 for guessing:

'Coffee grounds dropping into a filter paper'.

Previous winners:

Nicole Goddard from Howrah, who won $460 on 27th July 2020 for guessing:

‘Using a pumice stone on your foot’.

Gail Barr from Howrah won $1020 on 30th June 2020 for guessing:

'Opening the air vents in your car'.

Karin Hodel from Lenah Valley won $160 on 23rd of April 2020 for guessing: 

'Wheelie bin lid hitting the side of the bin'

Sarah Bond from Risdon Vale won $1000 on Friday the 17th April 2020 for guessing:

'Putting a catcher on a lawnmower'.

Nigel Salt from Hobart won $860 on Friday the 7th of February 2020 for guessing: 

'Putting a candle into a candle holder'.

Brian Muir from Taroona won $160 on Thursday 5th December 2019 for guessing:

'Opening a window on an Advent Calendar'.

Rex from New Town - who won $1620 on Friday 29th November 2109 for guessing:

'Throwing lollies into a bin'.

Alice from Moonah - who won $1840 on Wednesday 14th August 2019 for guessing:

'Running a finger/implement down the spines of a cactus plant'. 


A new Secret Sound started Thursday 24th September. Incorrect guesses so far:

Aerosol can

Raking a comb across something

Spraying an asthma puffer

Opening a bottle of coke/soft drink

Wiper blades

Opening an Amazon package - the black sticky strip

Ripping a label off a jar or bottle

Fidget spinner

Flicking a deck of cards

Pulling the tab off a tissue box

Spraying shaving cream

The needle going off a record

Sandpaper rubbing on something

Pumping a ball pump into the air

Ripping off paper towel along the perforation

Velcro being pulled apart

A CO2 spritzer gun being operated

Disconnecting a tool from an air hose

Running a fingernail or piece of paper down the teeth of a comb

Tearing toilet paper off a roll

Pulling a tissue out of a tissue box

Flicking through pages of a book

Ripping off the tape getting your legs waxed

Tearing tinfoil off a roll

Pneumatic gun taking wheels nuts off a car

Sparks flying from electrical cables

Hand pump

Squeezing an almost empty sauce bottle

Tearing off a waxing strip

Sipping a drink

Spraying water/spray from a spray gun

Putting Paper in a printer

Blowing a raspberry

Fanning a deck of cards

Duct Tape being ripped off something

Juicing Fruit on a squeezer

Blowing into a microphone

Squirting water from a hose into a bucket

Waxing legs

A Rattle Gun

Ripping off a Band-Aid 

Tearing velcro apart

Air coming out of a balloon

Ripping a piece of paper 

Turning a tap on and off

Sarah waxing her top lip

putting a gas canister into a soda stream

Ripping sticky tape off a dispenser

Glen 20 spray covering mick's flatulence

Someone slurping a drink

Taking a coffee filter out of its plastic bag

Bit of sticky-tape being ripped off the microphone

Tearing paper 

Pulling apart a Band-aid wrapper

Shaking rice

A whoopee cushion

Steaming/frothing milk in an espresso machine


Slurping Spaghetti

Flipping through a paperback book

Pulling a tissue out of a box

Pulling tape off a roll

Automatic air freshener

Hand clapper

Shaving cream

Tearing off a sticky note

Static when a station drops out

Retracting a vacuum cleaner cord

Hand sanitiser pump

Velcro being pulled apart

Ripping velcro off a sticky thing

Blow torch

 Tearing wax from hairy legs

Ripping off a bandaid

Rattle Gun 

Juicing fruit

Blowing onto a microphone

Squirting water from a hose into the bucket

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