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100k wings

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Yes you read it right!...

Here at 7HOFM we're all about being 100% Hobart so we're giving one lucky listener from Hobart the chance to win $100,000 cash!!!!

On Friday the 18th October Sarah, Mick and Beau will be broadcasting live from 10am - 2pm at Brooke Street Pier.

Come down and watch as one of our 100 lucky entrants is chosen to spin the wheel and have their chance to win $100k.

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Specific terms and conditions

  • All finalist must be over 18
  • Finalists need to attend the major draw at Brooke Street Pier on Friday October 18th 2019 between the hours of 10.00am and 2.00pm
  • All entrants must be in attendance by 12.00pm to be eligible for the finalist barrel draw.
  • A barrel draw will be conducted selecting one (1) finalist whose name will be announced to participate in the major draw. They will be required to present themselves to the announcers where they will, subject to compliance with these Conditions of Entry, spin the wheel to determine their prize.
  • The wheel will feature one-hundred (100) numbered segments and must be positioned on number one prior to the spin, the finalist must complete two full rotations of the wheel in order to win the prize the wheel stops on.
  • Should the wheel not complete two full rotations, the finalist will be required to spin the wheel again.
  • A finalist can nominate a proxy to spin the wheel on their behalf. The proxy cannot be affiliated with the Promoter as defined on these conditions of entry.
  • The number the wheel lands on will correspond with an envelope that has been independently filled with a prize from an independent auditor that consists of
    -1. 1 prize of $100,000 cash
    -2. 99 prizes of $10,000 cash
  • The winner will be issued a cheque by the promoter for the spun up prizes valued up to $10,000. This will be available for collection from the promoter in five (5) workings days post draw.
  • Should the Major Draw Entrant win the $100,000 a prize letter will be provided with payment processed by the Insurance Provider and payment made within 14 days.
  • Conduct to enter the promotion, including decisions on eligibility of persons to enter and validity of entry and prizes, shall be the responsibility of the promoter.
  • To the extent that a situation or issue arises for which these terms and conditions make no provision or in relation to which the relevant terms and conditions are unclear, the Promoter reserves the right to make a decision regarding such situation or issue which is not inconsistent with these terms and conditions.
  • While the promoter intends to conduct the promotion as offered, the promoter reserves
    the right to cancel or change the promotion or prize offered in the promotion if it can no longer continue the promotion or offer a prize due to circumstances outside the promoters control.
  • Any entrant who tampers, or attempts to tamper, with the entry processes or tampers, or attempts to tamper with the processes used for the draws or who submits an entry which is not valid in accordance with these terms will be subject to disqualification at the discretion of the promoter. A representative from the Insurance company will be in attendance to oversee the major draw on Friday October 18th, 2019.

View general prize winner terms and conditions.