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Opens Wednesday 7th February and closes Friday 7th June

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7HOFM's Person X is back and this time it's even easier to win in Hobart's Biggest cash Contest!

EVERY person in Hobart has the chance to win, all you have to do is enter via our WIN PAGE!

Tell us all about yourself and then listen to the clues to find out if it’s YOU we are talking about…If it is and you call…YOU will be Person X

It’s not a celebrity or well-known personality…. It’s someone that lives in Hobart and listens to 7HOFM. Even if it’s not you, but someone you know, you could win!

Listeners can win $1,000 for guessing someone else or $2,500 for guessing themselves as Person X!

From 13th May till 7th June each weekday and every hour between 7am and 5pm, we give out a clues which is something about the person. This is public or known information we have received from Person X themselves via registration.

Enter below for your chance to become 7HOFM’s PERSON X!


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