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West Rail Joy

October 31, 2014
The strength of Tasmania’s tourism across the off-peak winter season has been a happy surprise for management at the West Coast Wilderness Railway. After government intervention reopened the…
drummer e251b

You will never play drums as well as this 12-year-old

October 31, 2014
This 12-year-old seriously knows her way around a drum kit. Some people spend their entire lives trying to master a musical instrument but it's rare for anyone to come close to what this…
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Lucas aged 1 and a half dressed as a pirate

Hobart's Halloween Costumes!

Lucas, aged 1 and a half, dressed as a pirate! Thanks Ebony McPherson.Ebony McPherson and…
Whats on Weekend

What's On This Weekend | 31-2 November

SATURDAY Salamanca Market is on til 3pm. The Campbell Street Primary School Fair is on…

How To Carve The Creepiest Pumpkin EVER

No computer generated effects were used in the creation of this video. Just 4 hours of…

Hobart Halloween! Everything You Need To Know...

Halloween in Hobart has grown in popularity the last few years, with many organised…

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Bleachers - Rollercoaster

Band playing on top of moving vehicle: Check Girl looks like kissing boy, but ends up…
13707 John Carter Quad- V2


When Disney studios released JOHN CARTER OF MARS in 2012, they thought they were onto a…


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